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Looking back at the launch of the Toyota RAV4 2019 in KSA


The RAV4 has brought with it a new age of safety, capability, and improved performance. This 5th generation RAV4 is a compact SUV trendsetter and has proved itself yet again as a gamechanger. The all-new Toyota sport SUV has pretty effectively disrupted the segment it falls in. It brought in more of the utility and sport while turning up the excellent fuel efficiency, everyday comfort, and agile handling. The vehicle can tackle outdoors, suburban, and urban terrains with ease and finesse. It has a fierce look and comes with enhanced capability, courtesy of its new all-wheel-drive system. The ride is quiet, smooth, and comes with new comfort touches.


About the Toyota RAV4

A solid addition to the Toyota sport SUV has been the hybrid electric model, the first in its class to be introduced to the Saudi market. The model combines two power engines, an electric motor and a petrol engine. It’s a class-leading model that offers the lowest fuel consumption value of 22.2 km/L, letting the riders contribute more towards a sustainable future. The passengers also enjoy increased driving engagement and satisfaction offered by its advanced technologies and cabin quietness, and also the smoothness of its acceleration, especially when beginning from stand-still.


The Toyota sport SUV is available in 8 unique exterior colours and offers its riders the chance to express their individuality, with the interiors available in 3 colours – black, beige, and light grey.


Inspired by the polygonal motif, the new Toyota sport SUV comes rearmed with new 18-inch and 17-inch alloy wheels. The wheels have a strong shape that creates a sense of precision, highlighting the modelling theme prevalent throughout the vehicle.


Highlights of the launch


The RAV4 2019 delivers on its promise of introducing trendsetting vehicles which meet and surpass user expectations. The Toyota sport SUV was unveiled by Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, an authorised distributor of Toyota vehicles in the KSA, at a ceremony held at The Track Jeddah.


The dignitaries that attended the ceremony included Takayuki Kanno – Toyota General Manager of Strategic Planning Department – Middle East & Central Asia Division, along with Eng. Hani Obaid – Marketing Director of SUV & MPV Products at Abdul Latif Jameel Motors, and other senior officials from Abdul Latif Jameel Motors.


In the ceremony, the words that were spoken carried a sense of excitement regarding the launch of the all-new RAV4 in the market. The key objective seemed to be about setting a benchmark in the compact SUV segment and offer users a remarkable ownership experience with a vehicle that has evolved over five generations.


The capabilities of the RAV4 were clearly explained, referencing the dynamic performance, superior value and stylish design. A desire of deep connection between the kingdom’s motoring enthusiast’s aspirations and needs was expressed at the event, along with the gratitude to the valued guests for the continued inspiration and support that motivated Toyota in developing ‘ever-better’ cars that exceeded expectations.

F1 trivia for the beginner fan


Just about started following motorsports or more particularly, Formula 1 racing? Here’s some trivia ahead of the Formula 1 2019 season that should help you understand the sport better.


Quick question: What could be a more exciting motorsport event than Formula 1 racing? Answer: Nothing! Did you recently start following the sport? Do you find it fun but wish someone could help you make better sense of it? We have you covered.

With the Formula 1 2019 season set to kick off with the Australian Grand Prix on March 17, you’d do well to go through a bunch of facts and figures, pick your favourites, and start talking F1 like a pro. Even if you’re a seasoned follower, you too can check if you know it all!


For now, these trivia should get you going ahead of Formula 1 2019:


  1. Formula One or Formula 1 or F1® is the most premier form of single-seat auto racing first introduced in 1950.
  2. ‘Formula’ refers to the set of rules that have to be adhered to by the constructors and drivers.
  3. ‘Constructors’ are the makers of the cars that are raced. Every race in a particular season helps drivers and constructors earn points. The eventual tally at the end of the season decides the Drivers’ and the Constructors’ championships.
  4. F1 drivers are required to hold what is known as the ‘Super Licence’, the highest racing licence issued by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile).
  5. Tyres of all F1 cars come from a single supplier: Pirelli. There are many engine suppliers.
  6. Collisions and mishaps are common and there have been more than a few fatal crashes on the tracks. The first person to lose his life in an F1 car accident was British Cameron Earl in 1952; the last was French Jules Bianchi in 2015.
  7. German Michael Schumacher currently holds the record for winning the most number of World Drivers’ Championships with seven titles. Current champion, British Lewis Hamilton has five titles. Ferrari leads the Constructors’ race with 15 titles, followed by McLaren’s 12.
  8. Ferrari is the only team to have competed in every championship in the 20th
  9. British John Surtees is the only racer to have won the F1 World Championship as well as the 500cc Motorcycle World Championship (four-time).
  10. A ‘race weekend’ is spread over three days that includes three practice sessions, with three stages of qualifying that decides the positions for each car to start from on the day of the race.

There you go. We got you started with these ten. You can read further and find out more about this exciting sport. Beginning March 2019, 10 teams will battle it out for eventual Formula 1 2019 glory. The Formula 1 2019 season will end at the Yas Marina Circuit on December 1. Excited already? Pre-register yourself for the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2019 here.

Why do the car enthusiasts admire Toyota Corolla?


Toyota Corolla is always considered as one of the most excellent cars in the sedan category. Ever since its inception in 1966, it has made a staggering impression in the automobile sector. Even after 50 years, Corolla still rules the hearts of people who prefer to drive a sedan car. A lot has changed over the years—from its design to mechanical upgrades but the core of this car to be the best car in its category remains the same. Everyone loves Toyota Corolla 2018; car enthusiasts and experts alike. Let us see why.


  • Performance

After years of perpetual development in the engine and mechanical area, Toyota has presented a new and powerful engine. Corolla comes in two different engine variants—1.6L, four-cylinder gasoline engine which produces the power of 121 HP and another comes 2.0L, four-cylinder gasoline powered which produces power 143 HP. Both engines are integrated with VVT-I technology giving better fuel efficiency and energy. It also helps the car to perform well in all driving conditions. Toyota Corolla 2018 comes with 7-speed sequential manual transmission. With CVT technology, the gears change smoothly, so you get the efficient drive.


  • Technology

As the years have passed, Toyota has integrated advanced technology into its cars to give drivers full authority and extreme comfort over driving. The ergonomic controls mounted on the steering wheel enables the driver to control the audio system with ease. With a simple push of a button, you can start or stop the car. The powerful air-conditioning keeps you comfortable in all weather condition. Another thing that makes this car special is an Optitron display which shows relevant information such as light and weather conditions. 


  • Safety

The electronic safety system having EBD, ABS, and pedestrian and pre-collision detection system helps to avoid the accident.  In the worst scenario, Corolla is provided with front supplementary restraint system (SRS) airbags which will save you. The brake assist (BA) helps in braking in slippery conditions.


  • Interior

Every Toyota car is provided with a classy interior with superior design; Corollas is no exception. The legroom is quite airy with state-of-the-art dashboard and wheel-mounted controls. The seats are made with an excellent fabric with subtle stitching details which enhance the beauty of the car. There is plenty of space for three people in the back, and in addition to this, the rear seat can split in 60:40 combinations where you can store extra luggage.


  • Exterior

Corolla has always been deemed as a ‘beautiful car’ for its stylish design, smooth line flowing through the entire body and dynamic appearance. Years have not changed this statement; new Corolla has a stunning look with a bold and contemporary look. The headlights blend well into the design and 15’’ aluminum wheels give a stylish look to the car.


It is a no surprise that Corolla is an all-time hit. Years have not made this car inferior to its peers; instead, they made it a more solid and luxurious sedan car. With new upgrades, Toyota Corolla 2018 is indeed a magnificent car.

All you wanted to know about the TRD 86 race


The annual TRD 86 race is back, and you really don’t want to miss any of the action. We tell you how you can register to participate.


Every sport has its advantages and fans, but there is a certain thrill in motorsport racing that words cannot describe.


And bringing one of the most exciting races to the UAE is the TRD 86 Cup held annually at the Yas Marina Circuit’s F1® track. Get your Toyota TRD 86 series car spruced up and ready to do battle, but do become a Yas Club Member first.


Why participate in the TRD 86 Cup?


Simply put, it is the most exciting motorcar racing event in the UAE, where you get to test your skills and mettle against the best amateur and professional racers in the region.

  • The TRD 86 Cup invites you to bring your Toyota GTRD 86 series car to compete at the Yas Marina Circuit for a thrilling race and a chance to go all the way to the top. An annual race for the last four years, the Cup is now in its fifth edition. As always, there are simple rules to follow, starting with a registration process.
  • Start by filling out a registration form to become a Yas Club member. The form is available on the Yas Marina Circuit website.
  • Registering for the TRD 86 Cup by filling out the form makes you a Yas Club Member once your membership request is approved.
  • After your request is approved, as a Yas Club Member you may participate not just in the TRD 86 Club but become eligible to try out other events as well. These include the weekly StartYAS™, TrainYAS™ and GoYAS™ events, the public events like Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival and TriYAS™ by Daman’s Activelife, and motorsport events like Yas Superstreet Challenge, Freestyle Drift Championship, Gulf 12 Hours Action, etc.

Psst…More details about the TRD 86 Cup in Season 5


For the uninitiated, the TRD 86 Cup runs over six weekends. It is already underway, having started from October 2018 and will end in March 2019.


Each participating weekend comprises two days of racing before the next weekend comes around.


The races take place on the F1® track used for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix every November, the last race of the GP calendar. Thus, you get to experience racing on an actual GP track.


Yas Marina Circuit now has new race hire packages to choose from. Check out the packages on the Yas Marina Circuit website to pick the one most suitable for you.


The schedule for the TRD 86 Cup is as follows:


  • Yas Racing Series R3: December 14 and 15, 2018
  • Yas Racing Series R4: January 18 and 19, 2019
  • Yas Racing Series R5: February 1 and 2, 2019
  • Yas Racing Series R6: February 22 and 23, 2019
  • Yas Racing Series R7: March 15 and 16, 2019